2012 Olympic Scarecrows

Cotton (Olympic) Scarecrows 2012
The Olympic torch may not be coming through Cotton but the village scarecrows put on a gold medal display on the Mayday Sunday. At either end of the village we had two weight lifters (male & female) in the centre Hurdlers, Javelin thrower’s, Our own torch bearer (Bronze Medal) shone a light on the day while in the lake at the bottom at Mill Hill a South African Water skier (Silver Medal) along with Tame shark thrilled the excited onlookers. One of the less fit scarecrows decided that it was best to sit with a beer and watch it all on the box, whilst the scarecrow from Carters meadow just could not hang about so leaving his bottle behind (litter lout) jogged off on his own.

The outstanding winner on the day was in the (for one day only) purpose built Olympic size swimming pool The G.B. Sink-hronised Diving Team entering their respective Sinks from a great height with the minimum splash of water. Thanks to all who entered and to James for organising the day and Pauline and her bev of beauties who served up wonderful cakes Teas and rolls all dayVillage Hall Committee. (see pictures in the Gallery). John Doherty.