Challenges and Choices consultation 22 June – 22 December 2013
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What is Challenges and Choices?
‘Challenges and Choices’ is a consultation about the biggest issues that affect the water environment in our region.
Why is Challenges and Choices important?

It’s important that we all value water because it’s a precious resource. It allows the natural environment to flourish, and businesses, agriculture and the economy to grow and prosper.
Water is essential to people’s enjoyment of life and wellbeing. It gives us beautiful places to play in, to explore or just to get away from the world.
The Anglian River Basin District is home to approximately 7.1 million people, including many important animals and plants. Some key challenges the water environment faces is a growing population, climate change and Man's interventions both now and in the past.

It’s our role to make sure water is protected and improved. We want to work with you to overcome these challenges and make the right choices to protect water for the future.
What will happen as a result of the consultation?
This consultation is an important step in managing the water environment in England and will help us plan how to improve water quality between now and 2021.
What do I need to do?
We want you to help us develop plans to improve water quality in Anglian Region by telling us what you think. Take part in our consultation
‘Your Water – Discover it, Enjoy it, Protect it’