Upgrading the Playground Equipment - download information here

The Cotton Village Hall Committee is looking at upgrading the playground equipment. Whilst we have many ideas, we are keen to get the opinions of those of you in the village.

The amount of new equipment we can provide will be dependent upon the funding we receive, which at this point in time is unknown and will take a number of months.  It is also worth understanding that play equipment is very expensive so the funding will never go as far as you would think it should, and then there are the other expenses incurred such as installation and inspection fees.

In order to help us with providing you with the equipment that you would like to see, listed below are some of our ideas: 

1)    Replacement of the “big kid” swings (age range up to and including adults)

2)    Provision of a birds nest swing (age range up to and including adults)

3)    Roundabout (age range 2-8 years)

4)    Springer animal (age range 2-6 years)

5)    4 person seesaw (age range 4-12 years)

6)    Extension of the wooden frames into an agility/assault course


Where required the base will be the spring matt material for maximum safety.

Please get in contact and let us know your views!