Bacton & Cotton Local History Society

We normally meet at Bacton Village Hall at 7:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, except for July, August & December.

Local History Society Events

We do not meet in the month of December as most people are busy preparing for Christmas and New Year. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, 16th January and details will be released on this site nearer the time.
I and the Society's committee wish all our members and friends and everyone looking at this site a Very Happy Christmas and a good New Year!

Next Meeting - Tuesday January 16th  7.30 pm, Bacton Village Hall

Meetings £2 for members / £3 for non-members, annual membership £5 (a possible saving of £9 when attending all of a seasons meetings).  Details from : Peter Wenban/Chairman. 01449 781095 or


Chairman - Peter Wenban Tel: 01449 781095 e-mail:

Secretary - Peter Gibbs

Treasurer - Beryl Craighill

Membership Secretary - Sharon Coxhead

Programme Secretary - Mike Hardy

Angela Jenner - John Insley

Local History

Suffolk is fortunate in that there is a Local History Recorders Scheme which has been running for a number of years. The main purpose is to establish a network of people scross the country (ideally one in each parish) to record the present and to be on the look out for items of historical interest that may be overlooked and lost to future historians. These items do not just include the ususal minute books and manorial records, but the full range of written and printed material such as letters, maps, accounts, diaries, title deeds, pamphlets, drawings, parish magazines etc.Eventually, all material will end up at the County Record Office and will then be available to all present and future historians.

If you should have any material (incl records, photographs etc) which you no longer wish to retain, please do pass them on to your local history recorder. Bill Blackaby (Wyverstone) 01359 242369 or Rose Graham (Bacton) 01449 780201.
If you should have material relating to other Suffolk parishes, the details of the Local History Recorder can be obtained by contacting the Suffolk Local History Council on 01473 254291 / Email / web